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Engraving & Trophies

Launceston Sports has had an engraving department within the sports retail business for over 30 years and this has continued since the need to diversify by removing the retail and focusing on the Sports Therapy and Remedial Massage clinic alongside the Trophy and Engraving workshop.

We undertake all types of work according to our customers’ requirements from high value silverware, high volume corporate work, sporting association presentations, brass or marine grade stainless steel bench plates down to pet name tags.

Regardless of value, each order is approached with a high level of attention to detail, whether it’s a one off bespoke item or multiple items for a large presentation – every piece is supplied and engraved to a standard that we would be happy to receive ourselves.  Therefore, nothing leaves the premises without passing the final inspection question ‘would I be happy to receive this award?’

We can offer a higher level of personalisation to your awards by reproducing your association, school or club logo as a 25mm bespoke domed acrylic centre which can then be placed into many types of trophies to coordinate and give your presentation more personalised and professional look.

We are also happy to engrave items that are not supplied by us, e.g. gifts and jewellery.  Please bring in any items you are thinking of having engraved and we can discuss your requirements and assess the suitability of the object accordingly prior to engraving.

Please see the online catalogues below showing the numerous items that we can supply engraved and personalised.

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